Grasshopper Warbler – first and last dates

Locustella naevia – TROELLWR BACH – Breeding summer visitor and passage migrant.

Earlier records are summarised in Grasshopper Warbler 1994

YearFirst dateLast dateNotes
199313 April18 September9 singing on 80 hectares at Dowrog
199418 April23 August
199526 March5 SeptemberFirst to be recorded in March in Pembrokeshire, 12 days earlier than previously recorded.
7 territories mapped on Dowrog Common
199613 April4 September
199714 April22 September8 territories mapped on Dowrog Common
19985 April3 October8 territories mapped on Dowrog Common
19996 April20 September5 breeding territories Dowrog, 3 at Teifi Marshes
200016 April28 September 
200112 April12 SeptemberA min. of 2 pairs bred Castlemartin Range.
20026 April20 SeptemberWidespread reports for April & May; max. 5 Strumble Hd 21 Apr, 6 Skomer 21/22 Apr, 4 Fishguard – Dinas 24 Apr, 4 Rhoslanogfach 26 Apr. In autumn: singles, Castle Martin 28 July, Gelly 5 Aug, Skomer 20 Sept – only records received
20034 April21 SeptemberWidespread spring records at mainly coastal sites.
200411 April31 OctoberRecorded widely Apr-May, mainly at coastal sites.
200521 April1 August7 singing Goodwick Moor 24 April
200621 April25 SeptemberRecorded from 12 sites during Apr with 6 reported from suitable breeding habitat thereafter.  The first autumn migrant Skokholm 6 Aug and the final record Skomer 25 Sept.
200712 April Some 100 records across the county April – September, with the highest counts being of 7 singing males at Goodwick on 21 April, 3+ pairs breeding pairs at Llangloffan Fen.
200812 April31 August18 singing birds Teifi Marshes on 8th June
200910 April20 SeptMax count was of five at Pencarnen on 18 April
20109 April9 October 
20112 April1 October 
201220 April Max count was of eight singing birds at Trefieddan Moor on 2nd May
201312 April8 August 
201412 April25 SeptemberA total of six reeling at Trefeiddan Moor at midnight on 1st May
201515 April2 OctoberLast recorded Marloes Mere on 31st July and on Skomer on 1st & 2nd Oct.
201611 Aprilnot reported after June.Recorded from at least 13 1km squares, with breeding evidence from at least 7 of these. 
20177 April25 SeptemberRecorded from at least 26 1km squares. Presence of singing males noted from half of these but no confirmed breeding reported.  Single seen on The Smalls 19th & 21st April.
201813 April24 SeptemberReported from at least 23 1km square locations. Breeding evidence at five of these was limited to reeling birds only.
20198 April26 AugustReported from 29 locations. Breeding evidence was reported from six locations. Largest counts received were of three: at Teifi Marshes 8 Apr, The Gann 1 June & Llangloffan Fen NNR 22 June, and on passage on Skokholm 1 May.
20209 April19 SeptemberSummer / breeding season records came from: Folkstone Farm, Gann, Heathfield Gravel Pits, Maenclochog, Mullock Bridge. Southwood Farm (Nolton), Teifi Marshes (four), Trefeiddan, Trehenlliw Farm and Ty-rhyg.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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