Lesser Whitethroat – first and last dates

Curraca curruca – LLWYDFRON FACH – Breeding summer visitor and passage migrant.

Previous records are summarised in Lesser Whitethroat 1994

The previous earliest arrival date was 26 March 1984.

199025 March16 October
199124 April16 September
199224 April22 October
199329 April19 October
199414 April5 October
199523 April20 October
199624 April21 October
199726 April30 September
19987 April13 October
199927 April17 October
200021 April29 September
200124 April2 November
200231 March *2 October
200330 April31 October
200427 April12 November
200519 April7 October
200618 April14 September
200716 April11 October
200820 April17 September
200928 April27 October
201022 April29 September
201119 April4 September
201224 April 
201319 April28 June
201413 April30 October
201514 April22 September
201618 April11 October
201716 April11 October **
201817 April **2 October
201919 April29 October
202016 April13 October

* 2002 Bird Report gives a date of 1st March. This was a typo, as the original record shows one singing 31st March at Milford Haven Golf Course, with a bird singing there on the 7th and 10th April too.

** 2017-18 One in a Kilgetty garden, from 12th Nov until 16th Feb (T. Hughes). This represents the first record of this species overwintering in the county.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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