Slavonian Grebe – records

Podiceps auritus – GWYACH GORNIOG – Sparse winter visitor. Not recorded in June, August and September

Earlier records are summarised in Slavonian Grebe 2006

2007 – All records were: a single in Angle Bay 4—18 Jan., two off Broad Haven (N) in the Haroldston Chins area on 19 Nov. and one off Amroth on 27 Nov.

2008 – All records were: one in Angle Bay 15 Jan to 8 Feb. (JB et al), with 2 there on the 12 Dec (CH).

2009 – All records were of single birds at Angle Bay from 3-26 Jan (PKG, DJ, WJ), at Dale Roads on 15 Feb (DJA),  which probably then moved to The Gann on the 16-20 Feb (RD, PKG).

2010 – Only three individuals were reported this year: at Angle Bay on 8 Nov (G. Stamp), at the Gann on 28 Dec and at Broad Haven (N) on 31 Dec (both DJA).

2011 – There were good numbers in the early part of 2011 with two birds at Broad Haven on 3 Jan & Fishguard Harbour on 4 Jan. Single birds were then reported from Cwm Yr Eglwys on 5-23 Jan, with two on the last date, at the Gann from 6-12 Feb, Fishguard Harbour 15 Jan to 15 Feb & Angle Bay 23 Jan to 7 Feb.

2012 – A single bird at Angle Bay from 27 Jan to 12 Feb (PKG,MYP), another at Broad Haven on 4 Feb (BS), then two birds at the Gann from 26 Feb to 17 March by which time there was only one bird present (DJA,PKG,DG).

2013 – All single birds reported, Fishguard Harbour from 14-17 Jan, then a summer plumaged bird at Newport on 20-21 May, finally at Broad Haven (N) 30 Nov to 1 Dec.

2014 – none recorded

2015 – Single birds at Angle Bay on 8 Feb and 7 Mar, then another at St. Davids Head on 16 March and finally at Llys y fran on 30 Oct

2016 – All records: a single at Llys y Fran 30 Jan, Teifi Marshes had a bird from 15-25 Dec, and a single was at Coppet Hall on 24 Dec.

2017 – All records: two in Angle Bay on 15 March and a single at the Gann on 20 Nov – 3 Dec

2018 – Singles in Angle Bay 21 March and at Aberforest 29 Nov

2019 – none recorded

2020 – The only records were: one in Fishguard Harbour 15 Jan, two at the Gann 22 Jan – 12 Feb, with one there 3 March and two off Goultrop Roads 13 Nov.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports, which may contain more detail than shown here.

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