Wood Warbler – first and last dates

Phylloscopus sibilatrix – TELOR Y COED – Breeding summer visitor and passage migrant. Not recorded from November to March

Note that where there is no ‘last’ date, it is probably because whatever the last date the species was recorded in that year, it was so early as to reflect the last bird heard singing, rather than the last date birds were still here.

YearFirst sightingLast sighting
1981no information3 September
1982no information7 September
1983no information2 October
198425 April25 August
198526 April16 August
1986no informationno information
198730 April27 September
198821 April8 September
19894 May17 August
199027 April9 August
199126 April20 September
199221 April8 September
19938 May7 October
19942 May30 August
199524 April8 October
199626 April7 September
199724 April25 October
199820 April19 September
199917 April12 October
200024 April17 September
200126 April23 August
200224 April3 September
200323 April6 August
200427 April 
20057 May 
200629 April29 September
200728 April 
200826 April 
200913 April25 September
201020 April 
201123 April 
201227 April 
201327 April
20142 May 
201518 April 
201629 April 
201729 April 
201820 April 
201922 April2 August
202025 April7 August

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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