Hoopoe – records

Upupa epops – COPOG – Annual visitor. Not recorded in November

Earlier records are summarised in Hoopoe 1994

1990Singles Druidston 27 & 28 Mar, Llanycefn 31 Mar, nr St. Nicholas 30 Apl, Dale Fort 20 June and Dale Airfield 30 Sept.
1991Singles at St Nicholas on 16 April (GK), Porthclais on 3 May (JE), Skomer on 28 May (SJS et al) and Penberi on 16 July (MT)
1992Singles St Govan’s Head (KM), Barafundle (KM), Saundersfoot (AG) and Mathry (per SB) on 21s April and Dinas 14 May (KL)
1993Singles Llangloffan 15 Mar (DW), Penbrush 9 Apr (DDF), Strumble Hd 10 Apr (SB) and 12 Apr (MH), Ramsey first week of Apr (IDB), Angle early Apr (MH), Nevern 1-4 May (MAP), Tretio 9 May (JRH), St David’s 9-10 and 12 May (JB), Mathry 16 Sept (JB), Solva 16 Sept (per PR) and 18 Sept (per GHR), Elf Refinery 26 sept (HHG).
1994Singles in April at Talbenny 1st, Goose Pill 4th, Skomer 21% Martin’s Haven 22 – 24th. Trevine 26th and St. Davids 29th. Singles were at Spittal on 18 May and at Corner Piece 15 Sept.
1995Singles Marloes Mere 3 Apr. Skomer 15 Apr, St. Ann’s Hd 17-18 Apr, Whitesands 19 Apr, Skokholm 3-6 May. Skomer 12-17 Oct and Marloes Mere 19 Oct.
1996Singles Skomer 5 & 17 Apr, Skokholm 5-1 1 May, Waterston I I Apr and Ramsey 7-11 Sept.
1997Singles Martin’s Haven 9 Apr (per WTWW), Solva 12 Apr (JB), Trefin 20 Apr (BR), Priskilly 1 May (VJ) and Lydstep 8 Aug (JS).
1998Singles Caldey 9 – Il Mar (NA), Broad Haven (N) 29 Apr (KJSD) and Barafundle 24 sept (RJH, AW, RE)
1999No records in report
2000Singles Ramsey (RH) and Westfield Pill (AH, AJH) both 9 Apr, Skokholm 19 Apr which was killed by a female Merlin a few hours after arrival (GT).
2001No records in report
2002Single Freshwater W 6 Apr (P.R.H)
2003Singles Ramsey 27-28 Mar and 8-15 Apr (SA, PKG, LL), Skomer 22Apr (JGB), Tretio Caravan Park 19 Apr (JB).
2004No records in report (but one at Llanwnda 2 April listed in GHR archive)
2005Singles St Davids High Street 31 May (JB), Skomer 11 Apr and 25-30 May (JGB).
2006No records in report
2007The only record was of a single on Ramsey 23rd-25th May and was even seen feeding with Chough on one occasion (GM).
2008On Ramsey a remarkable year with three different spring records. The first being a single bird from 18th -20th Apr followed by a second bird seen flying in from off the sea on 23rd Apr with a third individual on 8th May. On the mainland singles at Crosswell 7th & 16th Apr., at Moylegrove 16th — 18th May and at Landshipping on 6th June.
2009Singles seen at Martins Haven 20th-21st Mar (ST) and Deer Park, Martins Haven on 5th -7th Oct (DGl).
2010In spring singles at St. David’s on 22nd Mar (MW), at Tenby 25th-27th Mar (JC et al), on Ramsey on 2nd & 3rd Apr (GM), on Skomer 18th-24th Apr, at St. Brides on 9th May. In autumn a single in Milford Haven on 11th-17th Sept (GK).
2011Singles St. David’s Head / Trefeiddan on 7th-9th Apr, Ramsey 10th – 12th Apr. and St. David’s 14th Apr. and Skokholm 25th – 29th Aug.
2012No records in report
2013The only reported individuals were at Angle Bay on 15th Apr, Pembroke 1st June and on Skokholm on 8th June.
2014Single Watering Valley on Ramsey on 23rd Apr
2015Two on Skomer on 9th Apr, with one remaining until 11th, then a single Marloes Mere on 14th Apr (photo below by R. Royle) with two here the next day. One in a garden near Castlemartin on 10th Apr and another near Freystrop on 9th July.
2016The only records were of singles at Broad Haven South on 13th May and on Skokholm on 19th Apr and 14th-17th Oct.
2017Singles reported at Haverfordwest on 30th Mar, Abercych on 27th Mar, Marloes on 28th Sept, at Wooltack Point on 1st – 3rd Oct, at St. David’s Head on 15th Oct and on Skokholm on 31st Oct,
2018Singles reported in April at: Pelcomb Cross 14th, Marloes Mere 19th – 20th, Rosemarket 24th, Broad Haven 25th, Carnffoi, Newport 26th – 28th and Strumble Head 26th. One autumn record at Abercastle 25th Oct.
2019Singles reported at Walwyn’s Castle 1 Mar, Broad Haven 3 – 11 Mar and West Lambston 19 April.
2020One was photographed on Cemaes Head a few days before 10 Apr and one was reported from Picking Corner, Dale Road on 5 May
2021Only three records this year, of singles at St. Davids 30 Apr, Manorbier 4 May, and at Letterston 10 Oct.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

When can hoopoes be seen?

Hoopoe: cumulative number of records per week (1990-2019) 
19 21 23 25 27 29 31 
Week number 
39 41 43 

Records from Birdtrack, showing the period in which hoopoes are likely to be seen. Note that these records may include several sightings of the same bird, and additional records are likely to have been supplied to the county recorder.

Week 11 = second week in March, week 17 = 3rd week in April.

Week 36 = 1st week of September, Week 43 = 3rd week of October

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