Sandwich Tern – first and last dates since 2000

Thalasseus\sandvicensis – MOR-WENNOL FWYAF – Passage migrant.

Other records are summarised in Sandwich Tern 1994 and Sandwich Tern 2007

20004 April26 November
200118 March1 November
200218 March5 November
200316 March11 November
200429 March25 October
200513 March25 October
200624 March31 October
200721 April28 October
200819 March15 October
20093 April27 September(1)
201022 March19 September
20119 April7 October
20123 March4 October
201324 March5 November
201430 March19 December
201531 March22 November
20164 April4 October
201720 March17 October
201830 March25 September
201923 March15 December
202011 April14 October
202114 March6 Oct
Notes2009 Two winter records of a single, possibly the same bird, firstly in Fishguard harbour on 19 Jan and then off Broad Haven (N) on 2 Feb. The earliest migrants were 7 off Tenby on 3 April.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

Pattern of occurrence

A distinction between spring and autumn migrants is usually taken as July 1st (week 26/27). However, movements are clouded by immature birds that are in no hurry to get to breeding colonies, and failed breeders that may start wandering southwards before the end of June.

Note – This graph uses records from BirdTrack for Pembrokeshire only, and includes records from the Skomer and Skokholm logs going back to the 1947. There will be additional records submitted only to the county bird recorder.

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