Barred Warbler – Records

Sylvia nisoria – Telor Rhesog – Rare visitor

Earlier records summarised in Barred Warbler 1994

1990 – Singles Skokholm 8 & 26 Oct (MB).  Tired individuals gave uncharacteristically good views, the first feeding on brambles.

1992 – 2 Skokholm 30 September, one there 4 October, all juveniles (MB, JWD)

1993 – Singles Strumble Head 8 Oct (GHR) and Skokholm 12, 13 & 15 Oct (MB)

1995 – Singles Skokholm 2 & 6 October (MB) and Skomer 10-15 Oct (JP, SS et al)

1999 – One Angle 26 Nov (AW), 5 days later than previous latest date for Pembs

2001 – A 1st w Skokholm 1-2 Sept (GT). An adult, Porth Clais 13-14 Nov (J&MB et al). A 1st w Ramsey 30 Oct-5 Nov (SA). 

2003imm Ramsey 28 Aug (Welsh Bird Report).  1st W, Strumble Hd 12 Sept. (SEB)

2004 – A 1st winter Skomer 11-12 Oct was the sixth island record.

2010 – The only accepted record (by WRP) was of one on Skomer on 7th Oct (DB)

2011 – A single Porthclais 6th – 7th Nov (WD Collins et al).

2012 – Single Skomer on 6th Oct. (DB).

2013 – The only accepted records were of singles on Skokholm on 8th Sept (RB), and on Skomer on 31st Oct – 2nd Nov (ES).

A juvenile mist netted in the Wheelhouse Garden on 8th September was the 19th Skokholm record and the first since 27th August 2004 (RDB et al.). Of the 18 previous individuals one was in the 1950s (the second for Wales on 12th September 1956), five were in the 1960s, one was in the 1970s, one was in the 1980s, eight were in the 1990s and two were in the 2000s. All Barred Warblers recorded on Skokholm have been juveniles. Skokholm Annual Report 2013

2014 – Singles on Ramsey on 29th Sept (GM) and on Skomer on 25th Oct (JM).

2015 – A first winter St Davids Head on 24th Sept (MYP) and Skokholm on the same date.

2017 –  One trapped & ringed on Skokholm 24th & 25th Sept (RB et al).

A juvenile found in the Courtyard on the morning of 24th September appeared exhausted, feeding clumsily on Elderberries before returning to the same sunny branches where it regularly lost its balance and sat with its wings drooped (RDB et al.). Telescope views revealed that the bird was wearing a metal ring, however with it appearing so weak, no attempt was made to catch it and discover its provenance. Happily the bird appeared to perk up before disappearing over the westerly wall, not to be seen again.  More on Skokhom blog.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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