Jackdaw – Nordic type – records

Coloeus monedula mondula – JAC Y DO

2010 – An individual showing features of the Nordic race monedula was at Haverfordwest all year.

2011 – A bird showing characteristics of the race C.m.monedula, “ Nordic Jackdaw “ was present for a second year in Haverfordwest

2012 – (DJA) and at St. Davids in April (BD). Both records have been accepted by WRP. Another individual was present all year in Fishguard but no photographs of this bird have been submitted to WRP yet.

2013 – Birds showing features of the Nordic Race C.m. monedula reported Haverfordwest all year (DJA), at Nine Wells 25th Nov till the end of the year (MYP) and at Monkton 7th Jan & 7th Dec (CH).

2014 – Birds showing characteristics of “Nordic Jackdaw” were reported at: Nine Wells 1st Jan, at Sealyham in mid-Feb (MYP), Skomer 3rd Apr & 15th Nov (JM, EMS)

2015 – An individual showing characteristics of the race ‘monedula’ at Sealyham from January to March (MYP).

2016 – Individual showing characteristics of the Nordic form C. m. monedula photographed at Haverfordwest 3rd Dec (CH).

2017 – Two individuals showing characteristics of the Scandinavian race C.m. monedula were observed at Stackpole on 13th Nov (BH).

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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