House Martin – first and last dates

Delichon urbica – GWENNOL Y BONDO – Breeding summer visitor and passage migrant. Not recorded in January and December

Earlier records are summarised in House Martin 1994

YearFirst sightingLast sightingNotes
199315 March25 October
199429 March9 October
199519 March15 October
199613 March4 November
199721 March5 NovemberOver 250 pairs estimated along sea-cliffs around Castlemartin area
199821 March25 October
19991 April17 October
200021 March24 October
200121 March22 October
200224 March28 OctoberOne Hakin 29 January – first January record for Pembrokeshire
20034 April11 October
20048 April30 October
200511 April15 October
20061 April13 October
20077 April18 November
20083 April26 October
200918 March19 October
201029 March11 October
20111 April3 October
20122 April13 October
20136 March5 OctoberFirst breeding on Ramsey in an artificial box
20148 April17 NovemberSingle pair nested on Ramsey
20154 April20 October
201625 March28 OctoberWinter record of a single bird at Tenby 29-31 January
201712 March13 November
201819 March3 October
201918 March9 October
202021 March26 October

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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