Reed Warbler – first and last dates

Acrocephalus scirpaceus – TELOR Y CYRS – Breeding summer visitor and passage migrant. Not recorded from December to March

Earlier records are summarised in Reed Warbler 1994

YearFirst sightingLast sightingNotes
19932 May12 October
199413 May12 NovemberLatest county record
199529 April18 OctoberProductivity: 106 of 204 trapped at Teifi Marshes CES were juveniles
199619 April10 October
199724 April15 October
199827 April9 October77 birds trapped at Teifi Mrshes CES (19 from previous years). Newly ringed were 36 juveniles and 22 adults. A bird ringed here in 1995 was retrapped 18 August 1998; in intervening years it had been retrapped in France.
19993 April15 SeptemberEarliest date for Pembrokeshire.
51 breeding territories at Teifi Marshes
20004 May30 September
200120 April4 November
20024 May28 October
200315 April15 October
200411 April25 October
20053 April22 October
200622 April28 September
200727 April
200825 April3 September25 singing birds at Teifi Marshes on 8 June
200912 April26 September111 ringed at Teifi Marshes CES
201022 April10 October
201115 April29 September
201212 May
201328 April25 July
201415 April28 September
201517 April29 September
201612 April8 October
201721 April10 September
201816 April29 September
201911 April18 October
20209 April21 October

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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