Little Stint – records

Calidris minuta – PIBYDD BACH – Scarce passage migrant and rare winter visitor. Not recorded in March and June

Earlier records are summarised in Little Stint 1994 and Little Stint 2012

2013 – The only record involved a single juvenile on Skokholm on 21st Sept.

2014 – An adult in summer plumage at The Gann on 30 May was noteworthy, as the species is rarely seen on spring passage in the county. Return passage was light, with two birds at Broad Haven on 21st July, one at Marloes Mere on 31st Aug and at Newport one on 12 and two on 27 Sept.

2015 – Juveniles in August on Skokholm on 23 & 24 and at Newport 29 – 30th.

2016 – All records were: on Skomer 15 – 21 Aug, 17th Sept, with two there 19 – 24 Sept, a single at Angle Bay 3 Sept, two there 19 & 27 August, singles Teifi Est 8 Sept, 18 Aug until 10th Sept (probably involving at two birds), Gann 18 Aug & 11 Sept.

2017 – The only records relate to up to two different birds at Poppit 17 – 25 Sept and a single juv. on Skokholm on 27 Sept – 2 Oct.

2018 – Two Nevern 14 Sept, one remaining until 1 Oct

2019 – The only record was of one on the unusual date of 14 Jan at Cosheston.

Records above extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more information.

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