Mallard – 2021-22 WeBS

Anas platyrhynchos – HWYADEN WYLLT – Breeding resident, passage migrant and winter visitor

Updates to the Wetland Bird Survey counts for this season.

Mallard numbers are influenced in part by the numbers that are released locally for shooting. This varies from year to year.

Data for June and July are collected by Jane Hodges during the annual surveillance of summer shelduck populations on the Cleddau Estuary complex. There are no counts in August. The September to March data is collected from sites across Pembrokeshire (including the Teifi Estuary) for the BTO Wetland Bird Survey.

Annie Haycock (BBS & WeBS local organiser)


HODGES J E. (2010-2020) Daugleddau Estuary and Milford Haven Waterway: annual surveillance of summer shelduck populations. Reports to the Milford Haven Waterway Environmental Surveillance Group.

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