Osprey – first and last dates

Pandion haliaetus – GWALCH Y PYSGOD – Scarce passage migrant.

YearFirst sightingLast sightingEstimate of the number of birds involved
198112 Septemberonly record
198229 Augustonly record
198418 Julyonly record
198629 Mayonly record
198812 June25 Octoberthree birds
19894 March30 Septembertwo birds
19903 May6 Augustthree birds
199128 March10 Septembereight birds
199213 May29 Augustsix birds
199329 April9 Octobernine birds
19946 Octobertwo birds
19956 March15 Octobersix birds
199627 April21 Septembersix birds
19976 April17 Julyseven birds
19988 May10 Octobertwelve birds
19998 May9 OctoberEleven birds
200014 April18 DecemberEight birds
20019 April29 SeptemberEleven birds
20027 April9 OctoberTen birds
200329 March14 SeptemberSeven birds
200419 March11 October8 spring birds, 6 autumn birds
20054 April5 OctoberFive birds
200611 April19 OctoberEleven birds
20078 Aprillate OctoberThree birds
20084 AprilEight birds
20098 April13 SeptemberFive birds
201010 AprilSix birds – incl. 1 or 2 summering on the Cleddau
201111 SeptemberFour birds – incl. 1 or 2 summering on the Cleddau
201224 March17 SeptemberNine birds
201323 March30 SeptemberSix birds
2014early March2 OctoberTwo spring birds, nine autumn birds
201526 March21 SeptemberSix spring, three autumn
201611 April10 SeptemberEight birds
201718 April26 SeptemberThree spring birds, three autumn birds
20188 April2 SeptemberThree spring birds, two autumn birds
20193 April26 SeptemberThree spring birds, three autumn birds
20206 April1 OctoberA long staying 1CY bird at the Gann 5 Sept – 1 Oct had been ringed as a nestling near Elgon, Moray on 10 July this year.
202130 March17 October

Note that the number of birds may differ from the table in Osprey 2020 because that table is the number of birds in each month, and some may have stayed into a second month

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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