Turtle Dove – first and last dates

Streptopelia turturTurturPassage migrant, has bred.

More analysis of records and timing of migration in Turtle Dove 2018

YearFirst sightingLast sightingNotes
199310 May9 October
19941 May6 October
199530 April18 October
199627 April23 Sept
19971 May22 Sept
19988 May2 August
19995 April29 Sept
200023 April6 October
200129 April5 NovemberTwo on 5 Nov, latest date for Pembrokeshire
200216 May28 Sept
200322 April13 October
200419 April16 October
200530 April7 October
200623 AprilNo autumn records
20079 June5 October
200815 MayNo autumn records
200927 April18 October
201028 April22 SeptOne winter record at Strumble Head on 31 December
201120 April27 OctoberOne winter record at Strumble Head on 1 January
201214 May4 October
201317 May6 OctoberOne wintered in various St Davids gardens from 19 Jan-14 May.
201415 MayNo autumn records
20158 MayNo autumn records
20164 MayNo autumn records
20178 May20 October
201823 May4 October
201914 May23 OctoberOne in a Camrose garden on 1 January
202013 April19 September

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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