Ruff – records

Calildris pugnax – PIBYDD TORCHOG – Passage migrant

Previous records are summarised in Ruff 1994 and Ruff 2012

2013The only reports were of singles at Fishguard Harbour on 17th Apr, at the Gann 3rd Aug, at Skokholm on 27th Sept and at St. Dogmaels on 28th Sept.
2014A single was reported on spring passage at Skokholm on 31st May, All other sightings referred to birds on autumn passage, with up to two birds present at Marloes Mere from 21st to 26th July and then singles on Skokholm on 1st and 18th Sept, on Skomer on 8th Sept, at Marloes Mere on 13th Sept, at Nevern Est on 15th Sept and at Teifi Marshes on 23rd Sept. Subsequently, two were seen at Marloes Mere from 10th to 18th Oct and the last sighting was of a single at Cosheston Pill 16th Nov.
2015Only two reports on spring passage of a single reeve on Skomer on 10th May, then possibly the same bird on Skokholm on the 11th. The first returning bird was also on Skokholm on 29th June, where the species was the reported on a further 21 dates until 15th Sept, with a max of 5 on 25th Aug. There were also multiple sightings at The Gann, where the species was reported on 7 dates, with a maximum of three on 19th Aug. Elsewhere, single birds were recorded at Skomer, St David’s Airfield and at Cosheston Pill, where the last sighting of the year was reported on 18th Oct.
2016All records were: two Skokholm 20th Aug, with one there on 23rd, two at the Gann and one at Marloes on 16th Aug, two Poppit 18th Sept. On Skomer singles 22nd & 24th July and 7th Sept.
2017All records received: singles at St. Dogmaels 1st Apr, Gann 29th & 30th May, 25th July, Skomer on 26th July & 25th Sept, Skokholm 21st Sept, Nevern Est 12th Oct; three at the Gann 23rd Apr and six there on 3rd Nov, decreasing to two on 8th Nov; two on Skokholm on 5th May; three at Marloes 26th Nov – 3 rd Dec, with a single remaining until 9th .
2018All records were of singles unless stated: at Teifi Estuary 24th Aug, Angle Bay 1st Sept, increasing to three on 7th, Pembroke Mill Pond 9th Sept and Gann 29th Oct.
2019Winter records: two at the Gann 3 Jan, one there 21 Feb, one 3 & 10 Nov. In autumn singles at: Gann 14 & 24 Aug and 10 Sept, on the Teifi Est 14 Aug & 26 Sept and on Skomer 8 Sept.
2020All records were of singles unless stated: at the Gann 27 Jan, 4 Mar – 1 Apr, 15 Aug – end of the year, with two there 19 & 28 – 29 Sept, on Skokholm 16 – 20 Apr, on Skomer 23 + 30 Aug, at Teifi Est 22 Aug and at Nevern Est: 25 Aug & 15 Sept.
2021All records were of singles unless stated: Gann a ringed individual 1 Jan – 3 Feb, others there
25 Apr, 23 Aug, Treffynnon 3 Apr, Nevern 1 Aug & 20 Sept, Skomer 31 Aug.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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