Great Crested Grebe – 2021 Winter

Actitis hypoleucos – PIBYDD Y DORLAN – Passage migrant and winter visitor

See also Great Crested Grebe 2006 and Great Crested Grebe 2003 winter


This map was produced by the West Wales Biodiversity Information Centre using data collected between November and February for the BTO Atlas 2007-11, with additional data collected in 2011-12 winter to fill gaps in coverage.

The main sites are:

  • Angle Bay – highest count – 26 in December 2020
  • Fishguard Harbour
  • Llys-y-Fran Reservoir – 5-year average max count = 15
  • Rosebush reservoir
  • The coast at Amroth to Wiseman’s Bridge – highest count 32 in December 2020.

Wetland Bird Survey

Monthly totals for the WeBs can be seen here

Pattern of occurrence

The numbers of records each week taken from BirdTrack. This gives an idea of when they are most likely to be seen in the county.

Annie Haycock (BBS & WeBS local organiser)

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