Mediterranean Gull – colour rings

Colour-tinged Mediterranean Gulls have been turning up in Pembrokeshire for the past twenty years or so. Most were ringed at their natal colonies. This map shows the location of those colonies. In some cases, there have been several gulls from the same colony. And there are likely to be other birds for which we don’t have the records.

The histories of individual birds show that many of them have arrived here by a convoluted route, including via Morroco.

Any colour-tinged gulls should be reported to the European Colour-ringed Birding Website or to the British Trust for Ornithology, either of which will forward your sighting to the appropriate ringing scheme which will provide you with further details.

Red dots show the origins of birds with red rings, green for those with green rings, and blue for those with white rings (as white does not show up on this background).

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