Knot – Ringing

Calidris canutus – PIBYDD YR ABER – Winter visitor and passage migrant. 

Knot – Orange flag T7

This colour-ringed knot was recorded in Pembrokeshire on 10 March 2018.  It was ringed as an adult on Merseyside in 2017, and spent that winter there.  This particular colour-ringing project has shown that there is interchange between Merseyside, Deeside and Ireland.  It is possible that T7 had spent at least part of the 2018-19 winter in Ireland and was now on its way east to join thousands of other knot on the Waddensee where they fatten up for the flight to their breeding grounds via staging posts in North Norway and Iceland.   It was last recorded back on Merseyside in July 2019.

As we see only small numbers of knot in Pembrokeshire, it is worth looking carefully for birds with colour-rings or flags.  Ideally get the number on the flag, but even a record of the colour and which leg it is on can provide useful information.

Thanks to Jim Wilson for the colour-ring information.

Knot – Z080116

During the flurry of Knot sightings in West Wales over the last few weeks, we have received data on the colour-ringed Knot on the 7th March at the Gann. It was first ringed in Waddenzee August 2014, resighted by the same ringer at Porsangerfjord Norway during spring migration and recaptured by Pemb’s Ringing Group 7th March 2018. A short but interesting life history for a bird that has an average weight of 137g. We still have a lot to learn about migrating Waders that choose to use the Gann as a stop-over. The continued resighting of colour ringed Waders by the users of the Pemb’s Bird blog is very much appreciated.

Mike & Theresa (posted on the Pembrokeshire Bird Ringing Blog)


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