Cory’s Shearwater – Records since 2008

Calonectris diomedeaAderyn-Drycin CoryOccasional visitor

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2008Single off St Govans Head on 17th Aug (CH). Circulating WRP
2011All records from Strumble Head where a total of five birds passed, four on 17th July in the space of 32 minutes before 6.42 in the morning (RS). The other, an evening bird, on 21st August (AR). These are first birds to be recorded at Strumble since 2006. Both records have been accepted by WRP.
2013At Strumble Head single birds recorded on 23rd June (AR), 24th August (MH et al), both accepted by WRP.
2014The autumn started off with one seen off Skokholm on 1st August the seventh record for the island (RB), Strumble then had a good run of birds at the end of August with a single on 29th, two on 30th and another single on 31st (AR, SM). If accepted along with the Great Shearwater records it is the first time both large Shearwaters have been recorded on three consecutive days at Strumble. Records circulating WRP.
2015Cory’s Shearwater, Strumble Head 19th July. Not submitted to WRP
2016The rarer of the two large Shearwaters, single birds passed Strumble Head on 8th Aug (AR, RHD). Another at sea on 18th Aug (PR & SL Murray). Accepted WRP.
2021One was seen passing Strumble Head on 8 Aug (P & SJM),

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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