Lapwing – breeding records since 2000

Vanellus vanellus – CORNCHWIGLEN – Breeding resident and winter visitor

The lapwing has declined drastically as a breeding species in Pembrokeshire. See the 2003-07 breeding bird atlas. The article charts the decline since 2000.

2000 – 4 or 5 pairs attempted to breed in Castle Martin area; Skokholm 2 nests with incubating birds and Skomer 1 pair – no success reported.  On Ramsey 7 pairs raised 4 chicks.

2001 – Only breeding record received: Ramsey, 10 males holding territories, 8 clutches laid, 5 possibly 6 fledglings. No breeding birds on Skokholm for just the second time on record; on Skomer an adult appeared with a fully-fledged juvenile on 4 July. As a breeder seems to be in a perilous state.

2002 – Only breeding records received: Ramsey: 9 males holding territory. 8 clutches laid; 8 young fledged, including 3 from the second clutch.  2 adults + 2 chicks at Freshwater W 26 May. Possible incubating at Brownslade 1 June. 5 of 6 chicks, from 2 pairs, ringed at Kilpaison 17 May.

2003 – Lapwings maintained their tenuous hold in the county.  8 males held territory Ramsey, 6 young fledged; up to 6 pairs at Kilpaison, but no chicks fledged.

2004  – Breeding attempted at Castlemartin Corse.  On Ramsey there were 8 apparently occupied sites, 4-5 young fledged.  4 pairs bred at Kilpaison.

2005 – Ramsey – 5 pairs, 5 young fledged, 5 or 6 nests at old BP site, Kilpaison, 7 pulli ringed.

2006 – Ramsey – 6 pairs fledged 8 young. Also 2 pairs + 2 singles at old BP site, Kilpaison and 1 pair Range E, Castlemartin in April/May.

2007 – Six pairs attempted to breed on Ramsey but no young were fledged

2008 – no records of breeding

2009 – A pair at Treswny Moor from 3rd May to 4th June showed behaviour suggestive of breeding, but breeding not confirmed. 5 pairs bred on Ramsey but the young were predated, chiefly by corvids, and no young fledged. 5 pairs attempted to breed at Kilpaison, again all were unsuccessful

2010 – Two pairs bred on Ramsey

2011 – The only report of breeding came from Ramsey, where two pairs fledged just two young in total.

2012 – Three pairs bred on Ramsey but only one young fledged. Otherwise there were no reports of breeding and the only summer record was of a single bird at Marloes Mere on 8th July.

2013 – A report of presumed breeding involved two adults and three juveniles at Marloes Mere on 1st Sept, and at least one pair is also believed to have bred at Castlemartin Corse but no details were submitted. One pair bred on Ramsey.

2014 – no reports of breeding on the mainland – one pair bred on Ramsey, fledging one young.

2015 – no breeding records received (two males on Ramsey but no females).

2016 – Breeding attempted at Castlemartin Corse, but outcome unknown.

2017 – No reported evidence of breeding

2018 – No breeding records received.

2019 – No breeding evidence was reported.

2020 – No breeding evidence was reported

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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