Rookery survey progress

This map shows the progress we are making in Pembrokeshire with the all Wales Rookery Survey 2022-23.

For a list of known rookeries (from previous surveys) see here

Results to 30th April 2022

This map will be updated every few days, so please enter your records (positive or negative) as soon as possible.

Hatched square = priority tetrad, no rookeries found

Grey square = priority tetrad, rookeries found

Red dots = Rookeries counted

Black dots = Rookeries checked but nothing there now.

Please enter your records (even if it is a zero count at a previously known site). If you enter a zero count, don’t forget to click on the button that asks if it is a negative record. I see that some sites on the map are showing as a counted rookery (in red) when actually there was nothing there – but the negative record button wasn’t used.

Records can be edited later if you do a recount and find more nests there – if you counted a rookery in March or early April, it may be worth having another look now – before there are too many leaves on the trees.

Download Instructions for entering records here.

Finding tetrads in a 10km square

Casual records can be entered using a GPS reference or picking the place on the map/aerial photo. You can do a more intensive search by tetrad 2km x 2km square. Here is how to find a tetrad:

A 10km square is normally divided into 100 1km squares, Some surveys, such as this one, is based on tetrads – 2km x 2km squares. Within each 10km square, the tetrads are given a letter as shown in figure 3.

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