Little Owl – Records since 2000

Athene noctua – TYLLUAN FACH – scarce breeding resident.

2000 – 2-4 pairs bred Skomer, one on Ramsey fledged 2 young. On the mainland only reported from Hasguard Cross and Talbenny.

2001 – No proof of breeding on Ramsey. 1 pair bred Skomer, remains of pellets contained Skomer Vole, Wood Mice and a Storm Petrel but 55% of each pellet consisted of beetle remains. Reported from Talbenny fairly regularly, also one Flimston 17 Feb.

2002 – 2 pairs, possibly 3, on Skomer fledged 3 young, pellets still being analysed but so far remains of at least 8 Storm Petrels found. Ramsey: no proof of breeding. On mainland noted at Flimston, Strumble Hd, Talbenny, St Davids and Gelli.

2003 – Skomer 3 pairs, Ramsey 1 pair, probably bred at these sites. Mainland records from Flimston, Moylgrove and Gelly

2004 – Four pairs probably bred on Skomer also probably bred on Ramsey. Mainland records from Dale on 7 Oct and Strumble Hd 8, 9 and 11 Nov.

2005 – Nesting pairs 3 Skomer, 1 Ramsey, Only mainland record 1 Pentre Ifan, Brynberian turn-off, 12 Oct.

2006 – 2 pairs bred on Ramsey. 5 pair bred Skomer but no fledglings seen. The only mainland record was one Flimston 5 Feb.

2007 – On Ramsey 4 territories (2 in 2006). At least one fledged. but probably more. Only occasional records after the end of June, and not recorded after 1 Nov.  On Skomer at least three territories; with two definitely fledging. Diet included Storm Petrels and ladybirds.  The only mainland record was Of two at St Ishmæl’s 15 Oct (DG).

See also 2003-07 breeding distribution map

2008 – 3 pairs bred on both Ramsey and Skomer.  On the mainland reported from just three sites: Canaston on 7 Aug. Hoaten on 1st and 6 June, and two near Newport from August until the end of the year.

2009 – Single Castell-y-garn on 24 Feb. On Ramsey a pair reared 2 young, and at least two pairs present on Skomer.

2010 – Three pairs on Skomer of which two bred rearing three young, two pairs bred on Ramsey with four young fledged – interestingly individuals were not recorded there until April.

2011 – Single St. Ishmaels on 23rd Sept was the only mainland record. One pair reared three young on Skomer and three pairs on Ramsey

2012 – Reported only from Ramsey, where four pairs bred and at least two pairs on Skomer.

2013 – One in Rosebush Quarry Feb-Mar and at Porthgain, were the only mainland records received.  Five pairs bred on Ramsey (cf 4 last year) and one on Skomer.

2014 – On Ramsey four pairs present with chicks confirmed from two nests. One pair bred on Skomer rearing two chicks. On Skokholm a single bird 4th – 13th Mar, the first record on the island for 18 years. On the mainland one at Lochvane, Solva on 23rd Nov was the only record.

2015 – no records

2016 – Only recorded on the islands, with a single breeding pair on Skomer

2017 – On the mainland noted from Porthgain. May have bred at St Davids Head where two were present. Four pairs bred on Ramsey. Also reported from Skomer but no breeding activity was confirmed.

2018 – Mainland records from Porthgain, Milford and St Davids Head. Also reported from Ramsey and Skokholm. No evidence of breeding on Skomer this year.

2019 – Three Ramsey 29 May, two there 2 Oct. No nesting was recorded on Skomer this year. Only mainland records were of two at Porthgain 6 June and one at Marloes Mere 19 Jan.

2020 – One apparently occupied territory on Ramsey (cf. two in 2019).  Otherwise all records received were of singles at: Mullock 1 Mar, Pencarnan Camp, St. Davids 27 Mar and Martin’s Haven 29 May.

2021 – One pair bred on Ramsey. Elsewhere the only records received were of singles: heard calling at Gann 4 Mar and near Tregroes, Fishguard 9 Aug.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here

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