About the Avifauna

An Avifauna is defined as a body of work about the birds of a specific region and/or period.

We can define the region: Pembrokeshire, in the south-west corner of Wales, in the UK.  The period is rather more vague.

The aim of this website is to bring together the knowledge we have about birds in the county.  Knowledge is always increasing, and so the website will be frequently updated, with information from the past, as well as the present. We have included the whole species text from historical publications because this gives a better flavour of the situation at the time, than you get from just seeing the historical summaries in the latest books.

Clicking on Bird Reports provides a link to the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports published annually by the Pembrokeshire Bird Group – a section of the Wildlife Trust South & West Wales. These reports provide summaries of records submitted to the County Recorders each year. This link also provides access to other general bird survey reports and to an annotated checklist of all species known to have been recorded in the county. 

This website is not about the latest sightings – click on the link to go to a separate website for that.  This is about providing the context for those sightings.

Background information on any species can be found on the BTO website, among many others, so we’re not trying to duplicate that here.

The sources of information added so far are listed below. For most species there is plenty to be added as and when time permits.

Using this site: just choose the species you’re interested in from the drop-down list to the right, or type the name into the search box (top right corner). To see the latest articles added to the site, click on the updates button on the menu bar above.

You can contribute to the site – this is too big a project for a small group of people – contact us for more information.  We’d like to add articles about specific places, and people associated with birds in the county.  Links to other appropriate websites, published papers and books, etc would also be welcome. Also, please let us know of any errors (including typos) and omissions so they can be corrected.

This Avifauna is run by the Pembrokeshire Bird Group, which is a section of the Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales.

Sources of information so far added:

Mathew M.A (1894) The Birds of Pembrokeshire and its Islands – species accounts only (spelling of place names etc as in the original book)

Lockley et al (1949) The Birds of Pembrokeshire – species accounts only

BTO breeding bird atlas 1968-72 – maps only

BTO wintering atlas 1981-1984 maps (with brief comments from GHR) 

Donovan & Rees (1994) Birds of Pembrokeshire species accounts exluding tables and graphs have been included in this avifauna

Pembrokeshire Breeding Birds Atlas 2003-7 – species accounts and maps from this publication are included in this avifauna.

Lists of records of rare birds taken from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports, as well as some papers from those reports.

Additional items are credited to their authors