Bittern – records

Botaurus stellaris – ADERYN Y BWN – Sparse winter visitor. Not recorded from July to September

Previous records are summarised in Bittern 1994

The right-hand column shows the number of individuals that were recorded in that year.

1995Singles Penally Ranges 16 Nov (G&KBH), Dowrog 11 Dec (JB), Trefeiddan 26 Dec (JB) and Pontiago 31 Dec (IM).4
1996Singles Dowrog 3-26 Jan (JB), Trefeiddan 7 Jan (JB) and Bosherston pools 29 Dec (TJP).3
1997Widespread hard weather at the beginning of the winter resulted in a Jan influx, some birds staying on into March. 2 Bosherston throughout Jan, one remaining until 23 Mar (RJE, RJH et al), singles Llys y fran 2 Jan (DJA, TJP), Dowrog 3 Jan – 8 Feb (JB, JRH et al), Heathfield GP 4-6 Jan (SB), Ffynone 6 Jan (DL) and at nearby Afon Dalais 13 Jan (PG), Teifi Marshes 25 Jan (JWD) Skomer 19 Mar (SS) Upper Haythog 20 Mar (RM)9
1998One Shoals Hook 23 Dec (Jba)1
1999One ‘booming’ Teifi Marshes 6&7 Aug (DR), one Bosherston 14-27 Nov (LL,PM,AW)2
2000One St David’s airfield 26 Dec (JB)1
2001No records 
2002Singles Goodwick Moor 5 Jan (CB), Teifi Marshes 15 Jan (WWC staff) and Marloes Mere 14 Dec (SJS).3
2003Singles Westfield Pill 21 Jan (AJH) and Pembroke M P 26 Jan – 27 Feb (JH et al), Broad Haven (N) Nov (BN, TW)3
2004One Pembroke M P 3 Jan – 28 Feb (PKG, JH), with 2 there 21 Jan (JH), one Teifi Marshes 13 Nov (RB).3
2005Singles Teifi Marshes 19 Oct (AKP, JP) and 16 & 22 Nov, and 17 Dec ( per JG)3
2006One Trefeiddan in Jan (JBe).1
2007No records 
2008No records 
2009A good year for records of this species in 2009 with reports of single birds at : St. David’s Airfield on 2nd Feb & 4th Mar and on the Teifi Marshes from 14th Feb until 15th Mar then at the other end of the year from 7th to 20th Nov (probably present until the end of the year).3
2010A single at the Teifi Marshes from the 14th Jan until 8th Mar when it was joined by a second and a third was noted there on the 11th. They were last recorded on 22nd Mar when both birds were seen to fly up high and head off north.
Elsewhere singles at Bosherston 13th & 28th Jan, at Fortunes Frolic on 18th Jan and at St Davids Airfield on 1st Feb.
At the other end of the year all singles at the Teifi on 21st Oct, at Newgale Marsh on 11th Dec, Newport on 20th Dec, at the top of Newgale valley on 26th Dec, at Freshwater West on 30th Dec and three together at Bosherston on 25th Dec.
2011First recorded at Bosherston with a single bird on 8th Jan, this had increased to two by 7th Jan. Presumably these birds remained as two were recorded during February until on 4th March the number rose to three and then four on the 5th. The last record for the early part of the year was of three on 7th March. One on the Teifi Marshes 6th Mar.
At the other end of the year singles at Teifi Marshes 5th Nov, at Castlemartin Corse 1st Dec & two at Bosherston from 14th Nov until the end of the year
2012Singles reported at St. David’s Airfield on 8th Feb, at Goodwick Moor on 24th Feb then probably the same bird flying over Fishguard on the evening of 5th Mar, at Pantmaenog on 29th Feb and on the Teifi Marshes on 21st Nov.4
2013The only records were: at the Teifi Marshes on 14th Jan & 7th – 12th Nov, at Castle Martin Corse on 9th Feb and from Bosherston, two on 3rd & 4th Feb, a single bird on 16th & another 17th – 30th Dec.7
2014Single birds were at Gupton Farm on 30th Jan & 27th Feb and at Castlemartin Corse on 27th Feb. At the other end of the year, a bird was seen at Bosherston on 13th & 29th Dec and one on the Teifi Marshes all December5
2015During the early part of the year single birds were recorded at the Teifi Marshes on 4th & 22nd Jan, Bosherston on 17th & 30th Jan, Castlemartin Corse on 18th Jan & Freshwater West on 21st Feb. Later in the year single birds were recorded at Castlemartin Corse on 29th Oct, 7th & 22nd Nov, with two on the 7th Nov, and at the Teifi Marshes from 16th Nov until 18th Dec7
2016A single bird at Teifi Marshes from 18th Jan until 4th April with two there on 21st March. Singles at Llangloffan Fen on 30th March then at the other end of the year at Stackpole on 15th Dec & another at Teifi Marshes 29th & 30th Dec.5
2017Up to two reported from the Teifi Marshes on 3rd Jan – 13th Apr and singles at Goodwick Moor on 9th Feb, at Stackpole Court 28th Feb – 2nd Mar and one on Skokholm on 6th May was the first record for the island.5
2018The only record was of a single at Newgale 16th Feb.1
2019No records0

Records above extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more information.

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Spotted Redshank – WeBS 2020-21

Tringa erythropus – PIBYDD COESGOCH MANNOG – Passage migrant and winter visitor

There have been no counts of spotted redshank in the 2020-21 season.

During the last decade there have been sightings of single birds seven occasions during WeBS counts, mainly on the Cleddau Estuary, and in any month.

One or two birds are occasionally seen on non-WeBS count days.

See also Spotted Redshank 1994

Annie Haycock (BBS & WeBS local organiser)

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Arctic Tern – first and last dates

Sterna paradisaea – MOR-WENNOL Y GOGLEDD – Passage migrant. Not recorded from December to March

Previous records are summarised in Arctic Tern 1994

19934 May15 September 
199418 April1 November 
199514 May18 October 
199624 April25 October
1997 22 OctoberNo spring records
1998 25 OctoberNo spring records
1999 6 NovemberNo spring records
20008 May17 October 
200118 April31 October 
2002 9 OctoberNo spring records
200329 April17 October 
2004 25 OctoberNo spring records
2005 6 NovemberNo spring records
2006 21 OctoberNo spring records
200725 June30 October 
200819 April1 October 
2009 2 NovemberNo spring records
2010 19 OctoberNo spring records
2011 19 OctoberNo spring records
2012 14 OctoberNo spring records
201319 April3 November 
2014 21 OctoberNo spring records
2015 16 SeptemberNo spring records
2016 18 OctoberNo spring records
2017 27 OctoberNo spring records
201818 April21 September 
2019 1 October 

Records above extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more information.

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Common Tern – first and last dates

Passage migrant, formerly bred. Not recorded from November to March

Precvious records are summarised in Common Tern 1994

YearFirst arrivalLast sightingNotes
199320 April15 September 
19941 April21 October 
199520 April17 October 
199630 March25 October 
19974 May25 October 
199810 May28 September 
1999Mid-April5 October 
200011 May3 November 
200128 April7 November 
200223 May9 October 
200315 April4 October 
20045 May25 October 
200521 April8 October 
200630 March27 October 
200727 June11 October 
2008AprilOctoberTwo sightings in each month
20097 JuneNovemberOne record in Nov
2010 1 OctoberNo spring records
2011 19 OctoberNo spring records
2012 4 OctoberNo spring records
20131 April5 October ? 
201415 April10 October ? 
2015 15 SeptemberNo spring records
201617 April17 October 
20174 May17 October 
201828 June12 October 
20199 May29 September 

Records above extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more information.

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