Green-winged Teal – records

Anas carolinensisCorhwyaden Asgell-werdd

Previously considered to be the American sub-species of Teal Anas crecca. All records are of males, as females indistinguishable in the field from other female teals.

Males were noted at Rosehill Marsh on 30th January 1972 (record not submitted to BBRC); at the Gann on 22nd – 27th April 1977 and 2nd March 1986 (Donovan and Rees, 1994).  

1996 – individuals (perhaps the same one) at Skokholm 15th to 17th April (G Thompson) and Marloes Mere 3rd to 11th May 1996 (KJS Devonald, GH Rees et al).

1997 – a male at Skokholm 17th April 1997 (record not submitted toWBRC) and at Skomer 18th April to 1st May.  

2000 – one Skomer 17th to 20th November.

2001 – singles on Skokholm 22nd February and 22nd March; singles at Newgale 14th to 30th March; Marloes Mere 12-13th May.

2003 – One was at Little Milford 9th January.

2004 – One male at Lawrenny 15-16 February, and probably the same bird was also seen on North Pond Skomer on 25 January (4th Island record). Note that the original bird report entry has been corrected here from entries in the archive.

2005 – one was at Newgale 2nd to 12th December and Skomer 26th November, with two different males on the island on 28th November; probably three birds were involved altogether.

2009 – one was at Marloes Mere on 4th May.

2010 – Two records this year both of males, at Marloes Mere from 8th to 25th April (WJ, PKG) & another at the Gann on 25th Dec (DJA). Both accepted by WRP and probably relating to the same returning male from last year

2011 – three records, all singles and probably relating to the same individual: In January at Sprinkle Pill on 16th, at Marloes Mere a bird first seen on 12th February was last recorded on 2nd May, and at Penberry Reservoir on 6th and 7th May.

2013 – singles were reported at Sprinkle Pill from 12th January until 9th February; at Marloes on 17th June and later in the year at Milton on 27th November; and finally at Newgale from 26th December until the end of the year.

2014 – one at Newgale Marsh from 2013 into 2014 was joined by a second bird on 19 January to 1 April.

2015 – the presumed returning bird on the Cleddau was at Hook, close to Millin Pill, on 21 February.

Records extracted from the Pembrokeshire Bird Reports which may contain more detail than shown here